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Romani, Laurence

PRME development director and director of the Center for Responsible Leadership, my work focuses on issues of social sustainability. In particular, I investigate representation and interaction, in mutually respectful and enriching ways, with those perceived as the cultural Other. I consider contributions from critical management, feminist and postcolonial organization studies to further cross-cultural management and diversity management research and teaching.

Research Areas:

Critical Cross-Cultural and diversity Management

Critical management studies

Multiple-paradigm studies


Current Projects (see "My Links" in the right menu):

Leading cultural diversity 

The employable migrant: construction of employability by organizational actors

Selected recent Publications:

Risberg, A. and Romani, L. (2021). Underemploying highly skilled migrants: An organizational logic protecting corporate ‘normality’human relations, online.

Romani, L; Zanoni, P and Holck, L. (2021) Radicalizing diversity (research): Time to resume talking about class, Gender, Work & Organization, online

Holgersson, C. and Romani, L. (2020) Tokenism revisited: when organizational culture challenges masculine norms, the experience of token is transformedEuropean Management Review.

Szkudlarek, B.; Romani, L.; Osland, J. and Caprar, D. (2020) The Sage Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management. London: Sage.

Romani, L. Holck, L. and Risberg, A. (2019) Benevolent discrimination: explaining how Human Resources professionals can be blind to the harm of diversity initiatives. Organization. Online first & Open Access. See link in 'My documents'

Primecz, H., Mahadevan, J., Romani, L. (2016), Why is Cross-Cultural Management blind to power relations? Investigating ethnicity, language, gender and religion, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 16(2), 127-136.