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Going Global - Gather Abroad

Whether you live in Stockholm or embark on a global career, you are certain to find SSE alumni networks and communities.

SSE seeks to engage its alumni fully in the life of the School as valued supporters, advocates, and lifelong learners who contribute to and benefit from connections to each other and to SSE, no matter where in the world they may live! 

SSE holds alumni events globally, regularly in the four international alumni hubs we have established and periodically in other regions.

We also support informal gatherings organized by alumni in many cities around the world.

SSE's Four International Alumni Hubs

SSE has established four international alumni hubs, where we hold events regularly. 

Past International Alumni Events around the globe

  • Singapore: SSE Alumni Mingle
  • Chicago: SSE Alumni Dinner
  • San Francisco: SSE Alumni Event
  • Shanghai: SSE Alumni Mingle
  • Beijing: SSE Alumni Mingle
  • Oslo: SSE Alumni Mingle
  • Singapore: SSE Alumni Lunch Event
  • Zurich: SSE Alumni Event

SSE Alumni Events Organized by Alumni

SSE also supports alumni who would like to organize an informal gathering or mingle. We can help gather the invitation list, send the invitation from our server, and maintain the guestlist. If you would like to organize a mingle with SSE alumni in your city, email alumni@hhs.se.