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The SSE MSc Mentorship Program Code of Conduct

The SSE MSc Mentorship Program Code of Conduct (“Code”) aims to define and maintain a standard of behaviour that is expected of participants in the program as mentors and students.

  • All participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, keeping relationships free of discrimination and harassment in all their forms.
  • Participants shall not disclose, share, duplicate or distribute each other’s personal information without consent; unless otherwise agreed to, all information shared in the course of mentorship discussions shall remain strictly confidential.
  • Participants in a mentoring relationship may develop friendships over time. However, it is important to maintain professional boundaries throughout the entire mentorship program. Participants must ensure all communications and interactions are pursued at all times in a professional, business-like and respectful manner.
  • Exploitation of the relationship in any manner to seek an inappropriate advantage is strictly forbidden.
  • All participants have a duty to report to the Mentorship Program Project Manager if they notice any breaches or violations of the Code.

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