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First two projects awarded funds from SSE Gender Equality Fund

The SSE Library, with their project “The diversity & equality book collection”, and the External Relations department, with their project “Female student recruitment”, were the first projects to be awarded funds from the newly established SSE Gender Equality Fund.

As part of its 10-year gender equality strategy, SSE established a Gender Equality Fund in 2022 to support projects/activities that promote gender equality at SSE. 

The first two projects have been awarded funding.

SEK 30,000 was awarded to the SSE Library for their project “The diversity & equality book collection”. The SSE Library was awarded for its innovative, well thought-through application that will assist in addressing a longstanding problem and that will have an impact throughout the organization and also outside SSE. It is important that the allocated funds are used to purchase books with a primary focus on gender equality, preferably with an intersectional perspective. 

SEK 20,000 was awarded to the External Relations (ER) department at SSE for their project “Female student recruitment”. ER was awarded SEK 10,000 to be used for photography since the SSE narrative needs to change and new images are part of that work and SEK 10,000 to be used for BSc recruitment since the Bachelor program in Business & Economics has not yet returned to pre-pandemic gender levels and there is a need for additional activities.   

Congratulations! We look forward to hearing more about these projects during 2023. 

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