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New information about Jeffrey Epstein

Through journalism efforts in preparation for, among other things, a podcast to be released shortly, new details have emerged regarding the connections between Jeffrey Epstein and the Female Economist of the Year scholarship.

From questions posed by the journalists, details have emerged that some recipients of the Female Economist of the Year scholarship were invited by Barbro Ehnbom, the founder of the scholarship, to meet Jeffrey Epstein. According to the journalists, this has been confirmed by Barbro Ehnbom. It is astonishing and regrettable if these details are correct. We strongly dissociate ourselves from all aspects of this.

In 2015, the Stockholm School of Economics became aware that it had been mentioned as a recipient of donations from Jeffrey Epstein. Following investigations, we were able to confirm at that time that two foundations, the Enhanced Education and C.O.U.Q. foundations, were affiliated with Jeffrey Epstein.

For several years, those foundations had made donations to Barbro Ehnbom's fund, which was independently operated and controlled by Stockholm School of Economics alumna Barbro Ehnbom. The Stockholm School of Economics administrated the fund but did not exercise active control over incoming donations and was unaware of who was behind the two foundations. We affirmed, at the time, that we had been negligent in our internal control of donors.

As soon as we became aware of the donations, the administration of Barbro Ehnbom's fund was formally separated from the Stockholm School of Economics.

The Stockholm School of Economics has been transparent regarding the results of our investigations and we communicated our findings both internally at the School as well as to our external stakeholders. We have also responded openly to questions from the media on the matter.