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Exciting recycling pilot project at SSE

Today SSE introduced its new recycling pilot project featuring the latest AI waste management technology. SSE is making conscious choices to reduce waste and to increase sustainability at the school. The machines from Smart Bins we are trying out will hopefully increase the waste we recycle at SSE and this pilot will be evaluated after six weeks.

Smart Bins started up their business in the Nordics three years ago and are focusing on smart solutions outside of the household, like schools, airports, malls, and other open spaces. With the technology of tomorrow, they aim to ease the recycling challenges of today. Their motto is that it should be easy to do the right thing.

Leo Ljunggren, SSE BSc student and project assistant at Smart Bins presented the exciting project in the Atrium this morning.

"I think the school needs to take another step in the right direction and make the process easier for the students to contribute to a more sustainable world", says Leo.

His hopes are that his fellow students will take the opportunity seriously and use the machines, and that the pilot will be a success. Sofia Wigström, CEO at Smart Bins, agrees.

"We want the recycling rate at SSE to increase and the students and staff become more aware. The goal is that recycling shall become a hygiene factor for sustainability work at the school", says Sofia.

Three different machines have now been placed in zone 3 in the Atrium: A compactor for paper that separates liquids from solid material which the volume by up to 90%. In the composter, the leftover food will turn into nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours. The result is an additive free and odorless compost that is ready to be used for plants and garden. The self-sorting recycling station will handle glass, plastic and PETs and cans, and will sort them automatically.