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Discretion, efficiency, and abuse in public procurement: A new eBook

On December 15th, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) will be organising an online book launch event of a new eBook co-edited by SITE researcher Giancarlo Spagnolo titled “Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion, and Emergencies”.

"Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion, and Emergencies"

In the new CEPR eBook "Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion, and Emergencies", professor Giancarlo Spagnolo with co-editors and co-authors study the tension between rules and discretion in public procurement made salient by the failures and abuses occurring during the Covid-19 crisis. It includes both country-level and cross-country studies, and examines the steps that can be taken to improve procurement outcomes and mitigate the risk of failures and corruption, particularly high in the heat of emergencies.

Join CEPR on Wednesday, December 15, at the online launch of this eBook, where the editors, Oriana Bandiera, Erica Bosio, Giancarlo Spagnolo, and the authors Dina Pomeranz, Tina Soreide and Paola Valbonesi, will present an introduction to the book and focus on some of the chapters.

Date and time

The event will take place in online format and open to the public through digital channels. The date is December 15, 2021, and will start at 15.00-16.30, CET.

Other time zones:

09h00 - 10h30 EDT (New York)
14h00 - 15h30 BST (London)
15h00 - 16h30 CET (Paris)

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