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How to Relaunch the Iconic brand Skogaholm?

Fazer Retail Club had a workshop at Fazer's head office about the redesign and relaunch of the Skogaholm brand.

Fazer Bakery and the Strategy/Design agency Silver joined forces in this collaborative workshop together with the students in the club. Tove Lundgren, Brand & Portfolio Manager at Fazer Bakery, led the workshop alongside with Hilda Björkman (Director Marketing of Fazer Bakery Sweden), Therese Vennberg (Marketing Manager at Fazer), Olle Ericson (Senior Manager Business Development – Fazer Group Marketing) and Anton Westin (Brand Strategist from Silver).


The workshop began with an introduction to the Skogaholm brand, emphasizing its historical legacy of nearly a century in producing high-quality bakery products that appeal to all generations within a family. Skogaholm's brand identity revolves around crafting delicious products that cater to diverse family tastes. However, it was acknowledged that being an older brand has led to consumers perceiving it as outdated.


Students actively participated in brainstorming concrete example ideas and creating a 360-company-wide activations, contributing with innovative ideas to rejuvenate the Skogaholm brand. Throughout the workshop, discussions revolved around ways to modernize the brand's image, while retaining its core values and historical significance. The objective was to ultimately ensuring Skogaholm's continued relevance in the market.


Ida Virkkunen and Linnea Jagenberg, Key Account Managers, Fazer Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club