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ICA Retail Club had a workshop on E-commerce

The workshop was held by Josefine Wallin, Research Coordinator at ICA’s knowledge center. They provided the students with information about the ICA organizations, their relationship with the ICA retailers, as well as the unique and challenging prospect of the online market.

The students were then asked to come up with ideas regarding what their visualization of each type of ICA store looked like. They were also tasked with summarizing five different aspects that ICA retailers will need to take into account in order for their online business to thrive. Since each group was tasked with a different type of ICA supermarket, the 4 different groups were able to come up with unique and different aspects.
Some of the suggestions presented, were for the ICA retailers to focus on having consistency in their assortment (i.e. having the products available at all times for the customers), focus on creating a seamless delivery and pick-up experience for the customer and finally assimilating the use of different KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in order to be able to effectively measure the results of different operating aspects.

Vasileios Dimopoulos, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club

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