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CFR announces the 2020 Best Company Project

“In-Store App Clips: A report of the potential of app clips in H&M’s stores“ written by Sofia Wendt, Velitchko Velichkov, Henric Malm Casslén, and Markus Johansson.


Below a comment from Alexander Mafael, supervisor of the project from the faculty side.

As a project supervisor, why do you think the project team was successful?

I think the project is a great blend of academic rigor, such as choosing a theoretically relevant and practically applicable model, and listening to the partner company and integrating their perspectives on this project through a preliminary survey with employees. Combining insights from both levels, firm and consumers, is a very thorough approach that has enabled the group to dig deep on a technology that many consumers are not even aware of.

CFR Retail Retail Club Award