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Laurence Romani takes over as UN PRME Director at SSE

We welcome Laurence Romani as the new UN PRME Director at Stockholm School of Economics, a program managed by Misum.

Laurence Romani is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Organization, SSE. Her work critically investigates how organisations take part in developing equal and responsible societies. She is currently studying the conditions of integration of the perceived cultural Others (e.g. ethnic minorities, migrants) in the Swedish labor market.

Of her new position driving the PRME program at SSE, Laurence said: “I am very excited to join the MISUM team and contribute to support the SSE sustainability agenda. My work will centre on further development of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). This touches on many undertakings going on at the school, from research to course and students’ activities. If I already know (or am engaged) in some flagship courses such as Global Challenges or the CIVICA track, I very much look forward to knowing more about the many other sustainable aspects of our current education. Small changes with the topic of sustainability in mind (another teaching case, a different guest lecturer) can lead to tangible impact. In addition, students are also very active (see for example SSE students for Climate Action!) and provide very valuable insights on how to further support the UN PRME. I look forward to learning about all the initiatives in place at the school, supporting them and contributing to more!”

Laurence Romani takes over from the previous UN PRME Director, Maria Perrotta Berlin. Read more about her work and current projects here.

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