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"Svanen investment ecolabelling needs focus"

Researchers from the Mistra Financial Systems program (hosted by Misum, Stockholm School of Economics) have provided a public comment on Svanen´s proposal for ecolabelling of Nordic investment funds.

The researchers believe that ecolabelling by a trusted entity like Svanen, with its long track record in consumer goods, is a unique opportunity to allow Swedish households and investors to make reliable and informed choices when selecting sustainable funds.

The researchers suggest several improvements to the Svanen proposal. In particular, they highlight the need to:

  • Focus on a limited number of well-measured goals related to Svanen´s environmental expertise.
  • Avoid vague criteria about fund process and goals.

 Read the whole comment here.


More info from Svanen here. http://www.svanen.se/en/for-review/Investment-funds/

In Swedish: http://www.svanen.se/Remiss/Fonder/


For more info contact Professor Bo Becker, tel 08-736 91 11, bo.becker@hhs.se


Other researchers who wrote the comment are:

Anders Andersson, Director, Swedish House of Finance
Andreas Hoepner, Associate Professor, Henley Business School
Hans Lööf, Professor, KTH
Gustav Martinsson, Associate Professor, KTH
Joakim Sandberg, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg and Misum
Paolo Sodini, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics 



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