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Hilde Rostad has been awarded the SSE MBA NSHK Scholarship 2021

Hilde Rostad has been awarded the SSE MBA NSHK Scholarship 2021. The scholarship is awarded to next-generation leaders, strengthening Norwegian and Swedish industry.

Hilde Rostad lives in Oslo and is Director Digitalization of Financial Services at OBOS, with a Master in Law from the University of Bergen.

"This scholarship will give me the opportunity to develop my expertise in leadership, innovation, international relations and not least sustainability. For a year and a half, alongside work, I will have the opportunity to build skills and develop my network with other leaders from all over the world. Even though I've been a leader for almost ten years, I`m a lawyer by training. Now I look forward to diving into the subject I love so passionately – leadership!" says a happy Hilde Rostad. 

"It was with great joy and gratitude that I learned that I had been selected for this scholarship. A special thanks to the jury in the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce for choosing me among several candidates. And not least to the Executive Management team at OBOS who selected me as their candidate for the scholarship, and for their support and encouragement during the process," says Hilde Rostad. 

"The fact that the SSE MBA Executive Format 2021 incorporates sustainability into all subjects is one of the things that makes me particularly looking forward to embarking on this education. Having the opportunity to network with leaders from all over the world is incredibly exciting, and the practical approach the Stockholm Business School is proposing allows me to make use of the knowledge and insight into my job at OBOS," says Hilde Rostad.

"We are pleased and proud that Hilde Rostad has been awarded the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce's scholarship. In addition to Hilde being a very good representative of OBOS, the scholarship is also a confirmation that our strategic focus on talent development pays off," says Morten Aagenæs, Executive Vice President of OBOS." 

Hilde is identified by OBOS as a dedicated, innovative talent with strong leadership skills, interested in technology and has a passion for sustainability. Hilde is energetic, well respected by her colleagues, and has the potential to fill senior leadership positions in the future.

We believe that the SSE MBA program will give Hilde a solid foundation in general management and support her in realizing her full potential in current and future leadership roles. She will also contribute greatly to the program and her peers. In particular, she will be a good ambassador for Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), OBOS and the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (NSHK).

The scholarship builds on a partnership between NSHK and SSE, and its purpose is to promote Norwegian-Swedish cooperation and raise skills levels among the next generation of leaders. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of SEK 495,000 for the SSE MBA Executive Format program.

“Norway is one of Sweden’s largest trading partners and we hope that this scholarship will contribute to further strengthening our great relationship,” says Björn Rosengren, President, Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The scholarship jury has consisted of Björn Rosengren, President NSHK, Pål Jebsen, CEO NSHK, Berit Salheim, head of NSHK Talent Network and Karin Wiström, Director SSE MBA, Stockholm School of Economics