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Insightful teaching in Advanced Math awarded Outstanding Pedagogical Achievement Autumn 2020

Jörgen Weibull, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Economics, receives the award for Outstanding Pedagogical Achievement Autumn 2020. Congratulations!
Jörgen Weibull has had several academic positions at prestigious universities around the world, Toulouse School of Economics, Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, Boston University, MIT and Princeton University, to mention a few. He held the A.O. Wallenberg Professorship of Economics at SSE during 25 years, 1995-2020, and is now Professor Emeritus. Jörgen Weibull was quite surprised to receive the award as it was completely unexpected by him. Johanna Wallenius is the Program Director of the PhD program in Economics where Jörgen Weibull teaches. She calls receiving the award an impressive accomplishment, and comments:
"Jörgen Weibull is an exceptional teacher. For many years, he has been responsible for the first compulsory course in math at the PhD level. He consistently receives stellar course evaluations."
These evaluations make Jörgen Weibull happy, but it is nothing he uses when planning his teaching. He doesn’t think teaching Mathematics is very different from teaching other topics, with one important exception. Many students have a psychological inferiority complex concerning math, a complex that Jörgen Weibull strives to help them overcome. He spurs them into feeling confident in their own capacity of understanding and mastering mathematical concepts, methods and results. He also inspires them to enjoy thinking about abstract and challenging questions, and to see the power and beauty of mathematics. 
"I just try to do my best to awaken the interest and curiosity of the participants before providing the answers", says Jörgen Weibull. "Once I feel I have the class onboard, I move ahead and invite them to participate in the unveiling of advanced concepts and results, by way of guessing what is right and what is wrong, and how to prove or disprove. It is a lot of fun!"
An award ceremony will be held at a later date.
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