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Laurence Romani ‘co-explorer’ at the Stockholm Explorative Talk on August 31

Laurence Romani will discuss how to recognise the human capital of persons with a migration background.

The Value of Human Capital. How do we best utilize talent in a global labour market?

Highly skilled people are seen as important human capital, valued by organizations worldwide. This workforce is also mobile – shifting from one country to another in search of more fulfilling opportunities, as employers and countries compete to attract the best minds.

There is significant investment in human capital management. Yet corporations, organizations, and institutions – including entire countries – leave large amounts of money on the table by failing to take maximal advantage of available human capital. Why is that?

In this discussion, various aspects related to the value of human capital will be explored – how is human capital defined? Why is there a need to understand cross-cultural management for the corporations? What are the cultural and social capitals that talent bring into the new country and bring back to their home country? Why is it important for the host country to develop and retain this human capital by focusing on their families? How do we view the unidirectional flow of human capital to wealthy Western countries vis-à-vis the brain drain that the talents’ home countries experience?

These questions along with other relevant ones will be examined with openness and curiosity at this interdisciplinary session. With an introduction drawing on research in behavioral economics, this session will explore some obstacles to thinking clearly about human capital. A discussion of these obstacles will help us see more clearly not just the problems – but also the solutions.

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