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Handels x Mejan 2022

28 April 2022
As last year we are launching Handels x Mejan: an exhibition with four newly graduated master students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (also known as Mejan) at the SSE Campus. The exhibition is curated by the students in Art Division, SSE (also known as Handels), and will take place on campus (Sveavägen 65) until June 3.

Bertil Ohlin Between the Lines - Nobel Week Light

02 December 2021
This year the Stockholm School of Economics will be lit up as part of the Nobel Week Light. The light installation Between the lines is created by Fanny Englund and Bruna Porsia from The Light Bureau as an hommage to Bertil Ohlin, SSE professor and one of the Nobel laureates in 1977.

New art in The Bonnier Staircases

19 October 2021
Thanks to a collaboration between Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, Bonniers Konsthall and Stockholm School of Economics, works from the foundation are being displayed at SSE for a longer period of time. To increase the variation, some works have during October 2021 been exchanged by others. We welcome works by Olof Marsja, Sunniva McAlinden, Per Hüttner, Helena Mutanen, Lisa Jonasson and Hilde Retzlaf to the school.

The Flag Project - a multiform art exhibition at SSE

31 August 2021
The Flag Project is a multiform art exhibition by the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren featuring all kind of events at SSE during September and October 2021. The exhibition will consist of flags on the poles outside the SSE main building welcoming the students back to school, artist-led flag-workshops, manufacturing of flags in the atrium and a series of seminars on the topic of abstraction.

Handels x Mejan: an art exhibition

19 April 2021
The students in the school's Art Division launches Handels x Mejan: an exhibition in four parts with four newly graduated master students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (also known as Mejan) at the SSE Campus. The exhibition is curated by the students, and will take place on campus, Sveavägen 65, between April 19 and June 30.

Art and Luxury: an Art Initiative Course

31 March 2021
Art Initiative is offering bachelor students at SSE a course in art, aesthetics and business. In "Art and Luxury" artists and researchers will engage students in exploring new aesthetic/ethical dimensions of commerce, business and management.

New art exhibition: Anna-Karin Rasmusson/APPROACHING

15 January 2021
SSE Art Initiative proudly presents the exhibition APPROACHING: three videos by Anna-Karin Rasmusson exhibited in the atrium, the entrance hall and in one of the corridors on the entrance floor during January and February 2020.

Bigert & Bergström's CO2 Lock-In exhibited outside the school

01 October 2020
300 kg is the average weight of a Swede's CO2 emissions for three weeks. Outside SSE the kilos can now nail you to the ground. The artwork CO2 Lock-In by the internationally recognized Stockholm-based artist duo Bigert & Bergström is exhibited on Sveavägen 65 until October 22 by SSE Art Initiative in cooperation with Stockholm Konst.

Yale philosopher Martin Hägglund to SSE

23 September 2020
We are happy to welcome Professor Martin Hägglund, author of the bestselling book “This life”, on October 6 for a seminar focused on freedom. He will be introduced by SSE President Lars Strannegård.

Welcome to the school: Commoncause by Maria Friberg on the big screen

18 August 2020
Each year in August, SSE Art Initiative welcome students, faculty and staff back to the school by screening Maria Friberg's video Commoncause in the atrium.