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Michael Barrett Honored as AIS Fellow

18 December 2023
The House of Innovation proudly celebrates the achievement of Professor Michael Barrett, our esteemed Distinguished Visiting Professor, who has been named an AIS Fellow by the Association of Information Systems. This prestigious award is a recognition of Professor Barrett's substantial contributions to the field of information systems.

Navigating the digital health landscape: a comparative study of health app policies across nine countries

18 December 2023
The rapid proliferation of digital health applications presents a unique challenge for healthcare systems worldwide. This article explores a recent academic study that compares the national policy approaches for health apps in nine countries, highlighting the commonalities, differences, and the need for international collaboration.

New publication | Agile manufacturing enhances sustainable business performance through transformational capabilities

18 December 2023
A study exploring the interplay between agile manufacturing and sustainable business performance reveals that internal learning and reconfiguration capabilities are crucial mediators. These transformational capabilities are shown to enhance economic, environmental, and social performance in manufacturing firms.

Joseph Monroe successfully defends his doctoral dissertation

15 December 2023
Dr. Monroe’s research, titled "The Roots of Invention: Empirical Studies on Knowledge Recombination," explores how knowledge recombination mechanisms shape technological invention outcomes. His research papers demonstrate that inventors' personality traits, historical knowledge use, and how knowledge structures significantly influence invention rates and innovation management.

Discovering organizational fortitude in the face of adversity - a study of a family firm

15 December 2023
A new study, recently published in the Journal of Management, reveals the remarkable ability of family firms to not just survive but thrive through multiple adversities. By focusing on a century-old family business in the UK, researchers develop the concept of "organizational fortitude," a new lens to understand resilience in businesses facing recurrent challenges.

PhD Defense | Integration of digital and physical technologies in incumbent firms

01 December 2023
This dissertation investigates the integration of digital and physical technologies in incumbent firms. It reveals how combining agile development cycles and dynamic sourcing creates new development practices, contrasting traditional methods.

PhD student positions available at House of Innovation (2024)

30 November 2023
The House of Innovation (HOI) at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is inviting applications for the PhD program in Business Administration, specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology (DEIT).

Subcontracted labor boosts project profit margins

30 November 2023
In today’s fast-paced business environment, staffing projects with a blend of subcontracted and permanent workers has become increasingly common across various industries such as engineering and consulting. A recent study, conducted by researchers from the House of Innovation at Stockholm School of Economics and IE University, delves into how this staffing strategy can significantly enhance the financial performance of high-tech projects, offering valuable insights for project managers and business leaders. This paper was published at the Journal of Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

AI in the workplace: Dr. Rebecka C. Ångström illuminates the challenges of trust and Adaptation

22 November 2023
Dr. Rebecka C. Ångström’s dissertation, "Dancing with the Dynamic Machine," marks a notable advancement in our understanding of AI's role in organizational structures and trust dynamics. Her defense at the Stockholm School of Economics showcases an in-depth analysis of the challenges and potentials of AI integration in the workplace.

Linus Dahlander appointed the new Erling Persson Visiting Professor

20 November 2023
Professor Dahlander will join Stockholm School of Economics as an Erling Persson Visiting Professor during the 2023-2024 academic year and be affiliated with the SSE House of Innovation and the Swedish House of Finance.