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Can Increased Textbook Usage Affect Student Learning in Low-Income Countries

06 May 2020
Anders Olofsgård (Associate Professor at the SITE) together with co-authors Jean-Benoit Falisse and Marieke Huysentruyt studied the impact of a simple “textbooks for self-study” incentive scheme targeting primary school students in DRC.

Unik forskning om entreprenörskapsutbildningar

11 December 2019
Entreprenörskap skulle kunna lösa världens problem. Men då måste vi sluta bara servera kunskap och istället ge studenterna förutsättningar för att skapa kunskap, menar forskaren Rasmus Rahm i sin nya avhandling.

SSE researcher Holmer Kok wins prestigious best paper award

27 November 2019
Does your organization have "dormant knowledge" that can be dusted off and used to create high-impact inventions? This award-winning article highlights that old knowledge within organizations can indeed be recombined to create new high-impact inventions. Organizations should therefore view the existing stock of knowledge as a treasure chamber for new value creation.

New research: Fears about climate change determine behaviors

15 October 2019
How do Swedish households relate to climate change and to sustainable investments? This is examined in the research report "Knowledge, Fears and Beliefs: Understanding Household Demand for Green Investments" written by Anders Anderson, Swedish House of Finance and David Robinson, Duke University.

Aging population lower real interest rates

23 September 2019
Aging can lead real interest rates to be permanently and significantly lower in the future and structural change guided by technological progress leads the hourly wage in the goods sector to grow more than in the service sector. This is shown by Andrea Papetti, researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics and economist at the European Central Bank.

Old knowledge as a driver of high-impact inventions: Why companies should regularly dust off their knowledge shelves

26 August 2019
Is it possible to use old knowledge to create new inventions? New research on knowledge recombination from House of Innovation researcher Holmer Kok suggests that so is the case!

How to make financial analysis more long term; new study

28 May 2019
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development constitutes a roadmap for where we, as a society that includes the private sector, need to go in just over ten years until 2030. A study from Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre (SSFC) and Swesif shows that half of buy-side analysts as well as corporate investor relations officers think that sell-side financial research has a detrimental short-term focus. More than a third of sell-side financial analysts agree with this.

Award-winning master thesis in Accounting and Financial Management by Jasmina Fredelind and Matilda Hellman

12 April 2019
The master thesis "The Intention to Buy: An Empirical Study of the Choice of Goodwill Method under IFRS" by Jasmina Fredelind and Matilda Hellman won Best thesis 2018, an award distributed by Svenska Revisionsakademin, SRA.

High tech and cellphones in brick-and-mortar stores make shoppers buy more

09 April 2019
Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are becoming increasingly digitalized, with digital displays, scent machines, sound showers, and cellphones frequently used as marketing elements in the store. In his doctoral dissertation “How Technology is Evolving In-Store Shopping Behaviors”, Carl-Philip Ahlbom, a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics, explores how technologies affect how much shoppers spend.

Ny bok skärskådar Almedalsveckan på längden och på tvären ”Almedalen – makt, magi och möten”

12 June 2018
Hur blev Palmes sommartal en hel Almedalsvecka? Och kommer fenomenet att överleva?
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