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Tech seminar | The potential and impact of AI on Swedish competitiveness - 21 Mar 2024

The Tech Initiative hosted a lunch event with Johanna Bergman, Director of Strategic Development at AI Sweden, where we explored the work happening around artificial intelligence in Sweden. In particular, the seminar focused on the Swedish AI ecosystem, the challenges domestic companies are facing and a large language model that was specifically developed for the Swedish market.

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In this seminar, Johanna guided the participants through the integration and impact of artificial intelligence in Sweden. She talked about AI Sweden's role, work, and partnerships, and introduced the audience to the large language model that was specifically developed for the Swedish market.

Participants could learn about the Swedish AI ecosystem, by identifying key players and understanding their impact. The session also addressed the challenges Swedish companies currently face with AI integration due to regulations. Furthermore, we explored how AI could enhance the competitiveness of Swedish companies and how we could balance rapid adoption with ethical considerations. Johanna also explained how AI could tackle national challenges, providing insights into Sweden's AI journey and talking about the increased need for collaboration.

Johanna Bergman is the Director of Strategic Development at AI Sweden, the national center for applied AI in Sweden. AI Sweden was launched in 2019 with the mission to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden to the benefit of our society, competitiveness and for everyone living in Sweden. Johanna has an educational background in biomedical engineering and has been part of the founding team of AI Sweden. She was recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2022.

This seminar was part of Tech Initiative's event series on "AI unpacked: From basics to business strategies". All Tech Initiative events are designed for beginners, requiring just a basic grasp of technology.

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