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Solving problems with artificial intelligence - 24 Jan 2023

The House of Innovation hosted an academic seminar with Associate Professor Vegard Kolbjørnsrud from BI Norwegian Business School. Vegard presented research on how artificial intelligence can be used for problem solving in organizations.

Paper title and abstract

Solving Problems with Artificial Intelligence: Augmenting Design Work in Architecture and Property Development

Abstract: Intelligent technology is increasingly being used to support problem solving in organizations. In this study, we explore what happens to complex problem-solving processes when Artificial Intelligence is introduced and how human-machine interaction can be organized. We follow the use of the Spacemaker software in property and urban development across multiple projects in three companies in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The software is used to support, accelerate, and improve work in design, analysis, and decision-making activities. Specifically, this leads to more and faster iterations, a more open and inclusive process, and more thorough assessments at an earlier stage. This increases the collective intelligence in teams of people and machines beyond what each of the parties can achieve on their own. We discuss the implications of our findings for complex problem solving, the introduction of technology, how AI can be used to open closed expert-driven problem-solving processes as well as the limitations of such systems and the role of humans in hybrid human-machine interaction.

The paper is coauthored with Ragnvald Sannes.


About Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

Vegard Kolbjørnsrud is an Associate Professor in Strategy at BI Norwegian Business School and a Senior Research Fellow (part time) with Accenture Research. He is researching, teaching, and speaking on strategy, new organizational forms, problem solving, and the impact of AI on management and organization. Vegard is currently investigating how the use of AI affects complex creative and analytical problem-solving processes, interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration in science-tech businesses, and open innovation. He is responsible for the portfolio of digitalization-related courses at BI’s EMBA program as well as the national top management program for the healthcare sector in Norway. Prior to becoming a full-time academic, Vegard was doing strategy consulting and research in Accenture for 16 years.


This seminar represented an integrative and important part of the House of Innovation's strategy to build a research environment through engagement with prominent guests and their work.

This seminar was part of the Academic Seminar Series offered in cooperation with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.


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