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Module 1: Transformative Effects of Digital Technologies

This module addressed how technologies are enmeshed in the changes occurring in society, work, competition, and in our lives. We addressed, in particular platforms, AI and the blending of goals and organizing principles across sectors.

Module 1 will include the following sessions:

Keynote by Annabelle Gawer: Hybrid Society – Platforms, Competition, and Social Responsibility in the Digital Economy

Annabelle Gawer is the Chaired Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Surrey, Director of the Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE), and Visiting Professor of Strategy and Innovation at the Saïd Business School with the University of Oxford.

Annabelle Gawer will address topics covered in her recent report to the European Parliament on social and societal consequences of platformization and potential legal and policy measures related to platforms.


Panel: Platform Emergence – Proactive Strategies for Companies and Employees

How should we relate to and respond to the potential consequences of platforms, as individuals, as employees, and as customers? And how can incumbent firms proactively relate to platformization? How does employment change when platforms organize work, and how can incumbent firms shape digital platforms in their industries? What are the policy and legal ramifications of platforms eating the world?

 Samuel Engblom, Policy Director, The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO)
 Jonas Samuelson, Chief Executive Officer, Electrolux
 Annabelle Gawer, Chaired Professor in Digital Economy, University of Surrey. Director, Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE). Visiting Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Moderator: Magnus Mähring, Professor, SSE


Panel: Human-Algorithmic Collaboration: What are We Currently Learning about AI Hybridity in the Workplace?

How does human-algorithmic hybridity develop in the workplace, and what does the rapid proliferation of AI entails for our organizational lives? Does a ubiquity of digital agents imply a revolutionary shift in how we collaborate and compete? If so, what are the major challenges ahead, and how can we design effective and socially beneficial AI-infused organizations?

 Fredrika Ling - Head of Design, d|lab TietoEVRY
 Ann-Marie Ovin - Chief Information Officer, Vinge
 Kye Andersson - Chief Experience Officer, Canucci; Head of Major Impact Initiatives, AI Sweden

Moderator: Sebastian Krakowski, Assistant Professor, SSE


Panel:  Hybrid Ventures: New Firms, Large Firms, Social Equity and Cross-sector Collaboration 

This panel offers a conversation about how new firms like for example, social enterprises, NGO’s, can come together with larger organisations and manage cross sector collaborations in a way which can help us to build a better future for all. It will also consider how such collaborations might be financed and offer possible innovations and practices we might engage in. 

Donna Hanafi - Product Manager, Lassie; Admissions Board Member, SSE Business Lab
Jonas Wettergren - VP and Head of People & Organization, Combient
Helena Thybell - Secretary General, Save the Children Sweden 

Moderators: Sarah Jack (Professor, SSE) and Roxana Turturea (Assistant Professor, SSE) 

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