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Art talk: Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Welcome to this art talk about war, digital media literacy and our artwork White Noise with the Belgian artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera and Gitte Ørskou, director of Moderna Museet.


The Belgian artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera is represented in the SSE permanent collection with his artwork White Noise (2018). On November 6 he will come to the school for an art talk.

Van der Auwera (born 1982 in Belgium) works multidisciplinary with video, theater, sculpture and printmaking, and often in the field of tension between art and technology, reality vs. simulation and the trivialization of violence. He is interested in the meaning of images and how they depict reality while at the same time constructing it. He finds his material in the rampant image production of a global screen culture.

White Noise (2018) from our permanent collection contains a classified video that was leaked to the public. The violent content was shot from an American Apache helicopter during an airstrike over Baghdad in 2007. The screen at first looks white, but decodes when the viewer looks at it through the lens on the tripod. The content looped on the screen is from the video shared by Chelsea Elizabeth Manning via Wikileaks, which WikiLeaks titled Collateral Murder for "maximum political impact". It shows the firing from the helicopter crew on a group of people - killing seven of them, all civilians. 

Join us for a conversation with Emmanuel Van der Auwera and Moderna Museet´s director Gitte Ørskou (also a member of SSE Art Initiative´s advisory board) on how to become a wise, responsible and critically active audience in a post-truth world, in which digital culture is tightly linked to technological innovation.

November 6, 17-18.30 in room Ragnar, Sveavägen 65.

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Places are limited. First come, first served.


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