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Wakeman, Wiley

I rely on experiments, field data, and archival sources to address three broad questions in my research:

  • How do deviant behaviors (and identities) lead to beneficial outcomes for actors in ways that address inequality, threat, and commitment issues?
  • What sort of organizational interventions, psychological processes, and individual personalities help (or hinder) groups and teams perform better, especially when faced with threats or conflict?
  • Are our self-presentation behaviors as successful as we think they are, or are there underlying mispredictions that negatively influence our interpersonal interactions and career progress? 

My work has been published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review, been part of best paper proceedings at the Academy of Management, been nominated for best paper at European Group of Organizational Studies, won best student paper at the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Studies, as well as taken up prominent positions on my parents' fridge.

Before joining Stockholm School of Economics in 2018, I received my PhD in Organizational Behavior from London Business School, MSc in Psychology from University College London, and BA in Political Science from Hobart College, as well as working for a few thought provoking years in investment management. When I am not working (or thinking about work), I am seeking out a the best Kanelbullar in Sweden or hiking with my family (often doing both at the same time). 

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