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Wahlund, Richard

Richard Wahlund is holder of the Bonnier Family Professor in Business Administration, especially media. He is also heading the Center for Media and Economic Psychology and was Prefect of the Department of Marketing and Strategy at SSE for almost ten years (2009-2018). He has also been Professor at and Prefect of the Department for Applied Communications - GI and IHR at the Stockholm University (1998-2006).

He runs a number of research projects, most of them concerning media, consumer behavior and/or marketing management, and they are to a large extent related to theories in economic psychology.

The main present projects focus on: 1) News Journalism in the Digital age, focusing on Consumers and their News Consumption, 2) Sustainable Business: Reputation Risk and Opportunity Management, 3) Employer Branding, 4) Gender Equality and Diversity, and 5) the Development of the Advertising Industry during the 19 hundred's, focusing on the Cartel on the Advertising and Media markets. 

His main teaching areas are marketing (buying behavior, business and marketing strategy, ’marketing mix’, marketing communications, branding etc.), research methodology (incl. applied statistics), economic psychology (decision making/cognitive psychology, economic/finacial behaviors, gender issues etc.), and finally business ethics and reputation risk management.