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Thorsell, Håkan

Visiting Researcher
Department of Accounting

My research interests include:

  • asset pricing,
  • valuation of distressed assets,
  • corporate bond pricing,
  • capital structure issues,
  • portfolio choice, and
  • pension liability issues.

I am grateful for comments on my papers under "My Links:".



Thorsell, H. (2011), Private equity och kontrollen över de finansiella resurserna, in Benson, Lind, Sjögren & Wijkström (red.), Morgondagens industri, Stockholm: SIR. 

Thorsell, H. (2011), Returns to defaulted corporate bonds, Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Volume 8, Issue 1, 168-185

Thorsell, H. (2008), Kapitalstruktur och aktieägarvärde - svenska företag då och nu, in Jennergren, Lind, Schuster & Skogsvik (red.), Redovisning i fokus, Stockholm: EFI.

Thorsell, H. (2008), The Pricing of Corporate Bonds and Determinants of Financial Structure, PhD thesis, Stockholm School of Economics.

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