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Thomann, Christian

Christian Thomann is a researcher at Swedish House of Finance and an affiliated researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Thomann’s research interests lie in Corporate Finance, Financial Market Regulation, Insurance and Taxation. His current research focuses on (i) government policy and access to finance in entrepreneurial firms, (ii) financing of corporate innovation and taxation, and (iii) finance, technical change and environmental constraints.

Thomann also works as a senior advisor at the Ministry of Finance. He is a member of the bureau of the OECD's Working Party on Tax Policy Analysis.

Selected publications

Brown, James R, Gustav Martinsson, and Christian Thomann "Can Environmental Policy Encourage Technical Change? Emissions Taxes and R&D Investment in Polluting Firms",  Review of Financial Studies: accepted. Link to Paper

Brown, James R., Gustav Martinsson, and Christian Thomann. "Government lending in a crisis." Journal of Corporate Finance (2021): 102116. Link to Paper

Thomann, C. (2013). The impact of catastrophes on insurer stock volatility. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 80(1), 65-94.

Lohse, T., Pascalau, R., & Thomann, C. (2014). Public enforcement of securities market rules: Resource-based evidence from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 106, 197-212.z           

Lohse, T., & Thomann, C. (2015). Are bad times good news for the Securities and Exchange Commission?. European journal of law and economics, 40(1), 33-47.