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Söderblom, Anna

Ph D Anna Söderblom's research focuses primarily on finance for startup firms. Anna Söderblom also provides courses in entrepreneurship in general, and finance for startups in specific at SSE. Previously, Anna has held various managerial positions within the Swedish IT and venture capital industries. Outside SSE, Anna Söderblom is operational as a professional board member.  

Current teaching at SSE

SSE Executive MBA 2015/2016 EMBA level: Change Live

Bachelor & Master Thesis Supervision




Samuelsson, M., Söderblom, A., & McKelvie, A. (2020). Path dependence in new ventures’ capital structures. Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice, Forthcoming. 


Söderblom, A., M. Samuelsson and P. Mårtensson (2016). Opening the black box: triggers for shifts in business angels’ risk mitigation strategies within investments. Venture Capital 18(3), 211-236. 

Söderblom, A., M. Samuelsson, J. Wiklund and R. Sandberg (2015). Inside the black box of outcome additionality: Effects of early-stage government subsidies on resource accumulation and new venture performance. Research Policy 44(8): 1501-1512.


Söderblom, A. and M. Samuelsson (2014). Sources of capital for innovative startup firms. EntreprenörskapsĀ­forum.

Söderblom, A. (2012). The current state of the venture capital industry in relation to other financing sources for startup firms. Entreprenörskapsforum. 

Söderblom, A. (2011). Private equity fund investing: Investment strategies, entry order and performance. Doctoral Dissertation. Stockholm School of Economics. 

Söderblom, A. and J. Wiklund (2005). Factors determining the performance of early stage high-technology venture capital funds: A review of the academic literature. Small Business Services, UK.

Selection of conference proceedings

Söderblom, A., M. Samuelsson and A. McKelvie (2019). Path Dependency in New Ventures' Capital Structures. Academy of Management Meeting 2019 in Boston, MA, USA, August 9-13.

Samuelsson, M. and A. Söderblom (2019). Startup firm valuation in financing rounds: The effect of investor composition. Babson Conference in Wellesley, MA, USA, June 5-8.

Samuelsson, M. and A. Söderblom (2019). Post-entrepreneurial wage-employments: What entrepreneurial experience is appreciated by whom? Babson Conference 2019 in Wellesley, MA, USA, June 5-8.

Söderblom, A., M. Samuelsson and A. McKelvie (2017). How path dependency affects startup firms' capital structures. Academy of Management Meeting 2017 in Atlanta, USA, August 4-8.

Samuelsson, M. and A. Söderblom (2016). Path dependency effects on new venture funding. Accepted for presentation at Babson Conference in Bodø, Norway, June 8-11 2016.

Söderblom, A., M. Samuelsson and P. Mårtensson (2015). Shifts in Business Angel’s Relationship Risk Mitigation Strategies within Investments. Academy of Management Meeting in Vancouver, Canada August 7-11 2015.