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Skyrman, Viktor

Affiliated Researcher
SSE Institute for Research (SIR)

I’m researching financialization, industrial restructuring, covered bonds, public sector reform and institutional change. I’m broadly interested in political economy and more specifically financial market regulation, including how to finance the green transition, structural transformation and global economic development.

My position is mainly financed by Matts Carlgrens Stiftelse för vetenskaplig forskning och utbildning.



Skyrman, V. (2024). Why didn’t Europe Securitise More? The Institutionalisation of Covered Bonds as an Efficient Instrument for Financialisation. New Political Economy.

Skyrman, V. (2024). The Financialization of the Swedish Growth Model: Four Essays on Capitalist Regulation and Institutional Change. (Doctoral dissertation, Stockholm School of Economics).

Skyrman, V. (2023) An Antidote for Securitization? How Covered Bonds Fuel Household Indebtedness in Sweden’s Financialized Growth Model. The Post-Keynesian Economics Society, Working Paper 2314.

Skyrman, V., & Zylinski., S. (2023) The Case for a New Bretton Woods (Book Review). The Journal of Development Studies, 10.1080/00220388.2023.2243754.

Skyrman, V. (2022). Industrial restructuring, spatio-temporal fixes and the financialization of the North European forest industry. Competition & Change, 10245294221133534.

Skyrman, V., Allelin, M., Kallifatides, M., & Sjöberg, S. (2022). Financialized accumulation, neoliberal hegemony, and the transformation of the Swedish Welfare Model, 1980–2020. Capital & Class, 03098168221128101.

Allelin, M., Kallifatides, M., Sjöberg, S., & Skyrman, V. (2021). Ägande-och förmögenhetsstrukturen och dess förändring sedan 1980. In Suhonen, D., Therborn, G., & Weithz, J. (Eds.) Klass i Sverige: ojämlikheten, makten och politiken i det 21:a århundradet. (pp. 615-640). Arkiv förlag.

Allelin, M., Kallifatides, M., Sjöberg, S., & Skyrman, V. (2021). Välfärdsmodellens omvandling: det privata kapitalets utvidgning i den offentliga sektorn. In Suhonen, D., Therborn, G., & Weithz, J. (Eds.) Klass i Sverige: ojämlikheten, makten och politiken i det 21:a århundradet. (pp. 147-179). Arkiv förlag.

For all publications, see Google Scholar


Teaching experience

The Politics and Economics of International Relations, Linköping University

9480 Global Leadership, Stockholm School of Economics

BE101 - Management I: Organizing, Stockholm School of Economics

194 - Management: Ledning och ledarskap, Stockholm School of Economics

Thesis supervising


Guest researcher

The Austrian Foundation for Development Research, spring 2024

King's College London, autumn 2023

Management School, University of Liverpool, spring 2022


Peer review

Competition & Change

Scandinavian Economic History Review


Third mission

My op-eds on industrial policy, bank taxation, fiscal policy and Swedish elections appear in Sweden’s major news media as well as in Europe (Social Europe) and Argentina (Página 12). I have also co-authored policy reports about a Swedish Green New Deal and a Swedish green investment bank while having co-founded the organization Progressiva Ekonomer (“Progressive Economists”).


Quantitative method skills

Refinitiv Eikon (Financial Data)

Data visualization: