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Rickne, Johanna

Visiting Professor
Department of Economics

My research areas are labor economics, political economics, and gender economics. I am interested in how to achieve diversity and inclusion in politics and in the labor market. I am also interested in political parties and the growth of radical right populism. A lot of my research uses Swedish administrative data. I am affiliated to the CEPR and IZA, and I am also a Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

For more information, please see my personal webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/ricknejohanna

Selected articles

Economic and Social Outsiders but Political Insiders: Sweden’s Populist Radical Right (forthcoming) with Ernesto Dal Bó, Frederico Finan, Olle Folke, and Torsten Persson, The Review of Economic Studies.

Labor Market Foundations of Political Candidacy across Parties (forthcoming) with Olle Folke and Jan Szulkin, The Journal of Politics.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Inequality in the Labor Market (2022) with Olle Folke, The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Party nomination strategies in list proportional representation systems (2022) with Peter Buisseret, Olle Folke, and Carlo Prato. American Journal of Political Science, 66(3): 714-729.

All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage. 2020. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 12(1): 260-87. with Olle Folke.

Who becomes a Politician? 2017. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 132(4): 1877-1914, with Dal Bó, Ernesto, Finan, Frederico, Folke, Olle, and Torsten Persson.

Gender Quotas and the Crisis of the Mediocre Man: Theory and Evidence from Sweden. 2017. American Economic Review 107(8): 2204-2242, with Besley, Tim, Folke, Olle and Torsten Persson.

Dynastic Political Rents. 2017. Economic Journal 127: 495-517. with Folke, Olle and Torsten Persson.

The Primary Effect: Preference Votes and Political Promotions. 2016. American Political Science Review 110(3): 559-578. with Olle Folke and Torsten Persson.

Gender Quotas and Women's Political Leadership. 2016. American Political Science Review. 110(01): 112-126, with Diana O'Brien.