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Mattsson, Lars-Gunnar

After 22 years as Professor of Business Administration at SSE and Head of the D-section (presently the Center for Market Studies) I retired in 2002. Before returning to SSE in 1980 I was during the 1970s Professor of Industrial Marketing at Linköping University and of Business Administration at Uppsala University. During the 1970s I also had visiting faculty appointments at EIASM in Brussels and University of California at Berkeley.
My long-term research interests concern inter organizational structures and processes in market systems with emphasis on distribution, industrial marketing and internationalization of firms and markets. During my early doctoral research on distribution in the 1960s I became interested in the systems approach. During the 1970s my research on industrial markets and interaction with colleagues at Uppsala directed me to a network perspective on markets. Most of my research efforts have since concerned development and application of a markets-as-networks perspective on dynamics of firms and markets. Among phenomena studied over the years are strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, globalization, transformation of centrally planned economies to market economies, digital transformation, public service innovation and sustainable market practices. My present (2020) research is focused on climate mitigating innovations as dependent on interaction between government policy practices and market practices. As Professor Emeritus in the Department of Marketing and Strategy, my research affiliation is with the Center for Market Studies and the Center for Sustainability Research