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Lindstrand, Angelika

Academic Director
SSE Executive Education
Academic Director
SSE Executive Education
Educational Programs

I am the Program Director for the SSE MBA programs, with responsibility for any issue relating to quality, curriculum and faculty. I also run individual programs and function as course director for several courses in the SSE MBA. My teaching specialty is network mapping and analysis, and International Marketing.

I am also a Program Director for highly customized program at SSE Executive Education.



I hold a Ph.D. in International Business from Uppsala University and I am a Docent at Stockholm School of Economics (research equivalent to Senior Lecturer/ Associate Professor).

My research concerns the use of global networks for increasing firm performance. I especially focus on how firms and individuals can use their networks to gain knowledge and other resources that will reduce risks, create opportunities and innovation in their operations, and thereby improve their overall performance.

Presently my studies focus on the global development of the highly innovative biotechnology industry industry. I study the networks involved in this process. To do so I run a project which have collected a unique database of the total population of Swedish biotech firms and their networks during the period 2004-2013. We are now in the process of collecting more current data for the years 2014-2021.

We are mapping and analyzing the different factors which influence the network development process and firm performance such as relationships and connections to other companies of different types, regulatory and financial institutions as well as the content of these relationships. The results will provide us with a more in depth understanding of what makes biotech firms commercially successful but also how networks can best be formed and used.

Part of my research was developed while I was a Visiting Scholar at Graduate School of Education, and Engineering at Stanford University 2013-2017. 



  • Sustainable finance solutions in Biotech (Vinnova)
  • Global Network Evolution (Handelsbankens Forskningstiftelser)
  • The International Life of Biotech (Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelse)
  • Analyzing networks in international business
  • Networks as institutional conduits