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Hellman, Niclas

Acting Professor
Department of Accounting
Associate Professor
Department of Accounting

Niclas Hellman joined the Department of Accounting at SSE in 1990 and, since 2011, he is acting holder of the Handelsbanken Chair in Accounting. Niclas is currently working on research projects investigating financial reporting in extractive industries, accounting choice in private firms in response to regulatory changes (IFRS for SMEs), climate-related risk disclosures, and international transfer pricing post-BEPS. Niclas teaches accounting and financial statement analysis courses in bachelor and master programs at SSE. He is also a member of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) Academic Panel and the Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors Examination Council. Niclas was a member of the Swedish Accounting Standards Board (Bokföringsnämnden) during 2008-2016 (Vice Chairman 2011-2016).


3310 Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis (Course Director)

3314 Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis (Course Director)

3301 International Financial Reporting (Course Director)

NDH306 Retail Accounting and Financial Management (Course Director)

Executive Education Programs

Recent publications

The goodwill impairment test under IFRS: objective, effectiveness and alternative approaches. (2023). Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, Vol. 52, September, pp. 1–18. Together with Tomas Hjelström.

The impact of an IFRS for SMEs-based standard on financial reporting properties and cost of debt financing: evidence from Swedish private firms. (2022). European Accounting Review, Vol. 31, No. 5, pp. 1175–1205. Together with Henrik Nilsson, Milda Tylaite and Derya Vural.

Discussion of ‘Accounting for intangible assets: suggested solutions’. (2022). Accounting and Business Research, Vol. 52, No. 6, pp 631–640.

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Revisionens roll i bolagsstyrningen
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