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Guillet de Monthoux, Pierre

Scientific Director
President´s Office

PIERRE GUILLET DE MONTHOUX is the scientific director of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Art Initiative for education and research in management and business. “Curating Capitalism” is his most recent publication in an overall research program on the “Philosophy of the Firm” (conducted as a professor of management and philosophy at Stockholm University, Copenhagen Business School and currently at the centre for Art Business and Culture at SSE). His previous book titles include: Action and existence, anarchism for business administration (1983), Vulgärkantianische Unternehmenslehre, eine Einführung in der Kunst Industrie und Technologie zu konstruiren (1981), The moral philosophy of management from Quesnay to Keynes (1991), Esthétique du management : gestion du beau et du sublime de Kant à Gadamer (1998), The Art Firm: Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing (2004) and Curating Capitalism (2022)-

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux´s Recent Publications


Guillet de Monthoux, P. (2022) Curating Capitalism. Sternberg Press Berlin

Guillet de Monthoux, P. and Wikberg, E. (Eds) (2021) Economic Ekphrasis. Sternberg Press Berlin


Dahl, M., Guillet de Monthoux, P., Helin, J. (2021). The poetic teaching space: Gaston Bachelard and a third realm in management education, Culture and Organization, DOI: 10.1080/14759551.2021.2007917.

Dahl, M., Guillet de Monthoux, P., Helin, J. (2021). The power of daydreaming: the aesthetic act of a new beginning, Culture and Organization, 28(1): 64-78.

Helin, J., Dahl, M., Guillet de Monthoux, P. (2020). Caravan Poetry: An Inquiry on Four Wheels, Qualitative Inquiry, 26(6): 633 –638.


Guillet de Monthoux, P. Dahl, M and Helin, J. (2022) Bachelard´s Backdoor to happy business school phenomenology in de Vaujany, F., et al (Eds) Phenomenologies, Management and Organization Studies, Oxford University Press

Guillet de Monthoux, P. (2022) Organizational Aesthetics as Exploring the Spiritual in the Social in A. Joy et al (Eds). Handbook of Marketing. De Greyter

Guillet de Monthoux, P. (2020) Curating Management Philosophy Cristina Neesham (Ed) Handbook of Philosophy of Management, Springer Verlag

Dahl, M., Guillet de Monthoux, P., & Helin, J. (2020). Writing, dreams and imagination, in M. Kostera C. Wozniak (Eds). Art & Organzing, Routledge.

Book review

Guillet de Monthoux, P. (2021) Dr Strati meets Mr Antonio in Organization Studies
September 2

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