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Dahlquist, Magnus

Chaired Professor
Department of Finance


Magnus Dahlquist is the Peter Wallenberg Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Dahlquist is also a Research Fellow with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, and with the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement (NETSPAR) in the Netherlands.

Dahlquist obtained his doctoral degree in 1995 at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University. He joined the Stockholm School of Economics in 1996 and taught at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University between 1998 and 2002. Dahlquist was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Financial Research (SIFR) in Stockholm between 2002 and 2013 and its Director between 2003 and 2008.

Dahlquist’s research interests lie in asset management, asset pricing, and international finance. His current research focuses on (i) individuals’ and institutions’ investment behavior and the design of pension plans, (ii) trading strategies in the bond and currency markets and their relation to fundamentals, and (iii) performance evaluation and practical issues related to asset management.

Dahlquist has taught courses on asset management, corporate finance, debt instruments and markets, investments, global financial markets, and international business in Master of Science, MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs at Duke University, London Business School, Stockholm School of Economics, UCLA, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Many of his PhD students are placed at academic institutions, central banks, and asset management firms.

Dahlquist has been an advisor to several financial institutions as well as government authorities, including the National Debt Office, the Swedish Pensions Agency, and the Swedish Central Bank. He has also reviewed the active management of the Government Pension Fund Global, the sovereign wealth fund of Norway. He currently serves as academic coordinator for Inquire Europe. Other activities include serving on the investment committees of the Apoteket AB’s Pension Fund, the Church of Sweden, the Nobel Foundation, and the Swedish Society for Medical Research, and being a board member of "Trygg-Stiftelsen" (related to "Gamla Livförsäkrings-aktiebolaget SEB Trygg Liv").

Selected publications

  • Evaluating Portfolio Performance with Stochastic Discount Factors (with Paul Söderlind), Journal of Business 72 (1999), 347–383.
  • The Forward Premium Puzzle: Different Tales from Developed and Emerging Economies (with Ravi Bansal), Journal of International Economics 51 (2000), 115–144.
  • Regime-Switching and Interest Rates in the European Monetary System (with Stephen Gray), Journal of International Economics 50 (2000), 399–419.
  • Performance and Characteristics of Swedish Mutual Funds (with Stefan Engström and Paul Söderlind), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 35 (2000), 409–423.
  • Direct Foreign Ownership, Institutional Investors, and Firm Characteristics (with Göran Robertsson), Journal of Financial Economics 59 (2001), 413–440.
  • Corporate Governance and the Home Bias (with Lee Pinkowitz, René M. Stulz, and Rohan Williamson), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 38 (2003), 87–110.
  • Pseudo Market Timing: A Reappraisal (with Frank de Jong), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 43 (2008), 547–580.
  • International Bond Risk Premia (with Henrik Hasseltoft), Journal of International Economics 90 (2013), 17–32.
  • Asymmetries and Portfolio Choice (with Adam Farago and Romeo Tedongap), Review of Financial Studies 30 (2017), 667–702. 
  • Individual Investor Activity and Performance (with Jose Vicente Martinez and Paul Söderlind), Review of Financial Studies 30 (2017), 866–899.
  • On the Asset Allocation of a Default Pension Fund (with Ofer Setty and Roine Vestman), Journal of Finance 73 (2018), 1893–1936.
  • Economic Momentum and Currency Returns (with Henrik Hasseltoft), Journal of Financial Economics 136 (2020), 152–167.
  • The Missing Risk Premium in Exchange Rates (with Julien Penasse), Journal of Financial Economics 143 (2022), 697–715.
  • Pricing Currency Risks (with Mikhail Chernov and Lars Lochstoer), Journal of Finance 78 (2023), 693–730.
  • Equity Return Expectations and Portfolios: Evidence from Large Asset Managers (with Markus Ibert), forthcoming in the Review of Financial Studies.

Selected working papers

  • Hedge Funds and Prime Broker Risk (with Simon Rottke, Valeri Sokolovski and Erik Sverdrup, 2024).
  • Are Subjective Expectations Formed as in Rational Expectations Models of Active Management? (with Markus Ibert and Felix Wilke, 2024).
  • Individual Forecasts of Exchange Rates (with Paul Söderlind, 2023).
  • International Capital Markets and Wealth Transfers (with Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen, Anna Pavlova, and Julien Penasse, 2023).


  • A Review of Norges Bank’s Active Management of the Government Pension Fund Global (with Bernt Arne Ødegaard, 2018).
  • Currency Risk Premiums: A Multi-Horizon Perspective (with Mikhail Chernov) Foundations and Trends® in Finance 14 (2023), 1–60.

Working papers are available at SSRN (see "Links" on this page).