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Andersson, Patric

Associate Professor Patric Andersson is a researcher in the area of economic psychology. His research interests concern, among other things, judgment decision-making, expert judgment, forecasting, mood, sports economics, nudging, as well as behavioral accounting, behavioral economics and behavioral finance. He has received several research grants and awards.



Selected publications

Almqvist, G. & Andersson, P. (2021). Low support for nudging among Swedes in a population-representative sample. Behavioural Public Policy, 1-3

Andersson, P., & Hellman, N. (2020). Analysts’ Evaluations of Acquisitions: Swedish Survey Evidence on IFRS Knowledge and the Use of Accounting Information for Valuation Purposes. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 41, 1 - 7.

Hellman, N., Andersson, P., & Palm, E. (2016). Does goodwill reporting matter to financial analysts? Two experimental studies on the impact of corporate acquisitions under IFRS accounting on financial analysts’ equity valuation judgments. Accounting and Finance.

Andersson, P. & Nilsson, H. (2015). Do bettors correctly perceive odds? Three studies of how bettors interpret betting odds as probabilistic information. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 28, 331-346.

Nilsson, H., & Andersson, P. (2010). Making the seemingly impossible appear possible: effects of conjunction fallacies in evaluations of bets on football games. Journal of Economic Psychology 31, 172-180.

Andersson, P., Ayton, P., & Schmidt, C. (2008). The economics and psychology of football. Myths and facts about the world’s greatest sport. Cambridge Scholar Publishing.

Andersson, P & Hellman, N. (2007). Does pro forma reporting bias analyst forecasts? European Accounting Review 16, 277-298.

Andersson, P., & Rakow, T. (2007). Now you see it now you don’t: The effectiveness of the recognition heuristic for selecting stocks. Judgment and Decision Making 2, 29-39.

Andersson, P., Edman, J., & Ekman, M. (2005). Predicting the World Cup 2002: Performance and confidence of experts and non-experts. International Journal of Forecasting 21, 565-576.

Andersson, P. (2004). Does experience matter in lending? A process-tracing study on experienced loan officers’ and novices’ decision behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology 25, 471-492.