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Copyright and reproduction rules

The general rule is that you may not use a work without the author’s permission but there are exception for teaching purposes

Teachers and students are allowed to copy and share copyright protected material but the right is strictly limited by the Copyright Act.

To help academics comply with copyright regulations, a Higher Education Institution (HEI) Agreement has been crafted by Bonus Copyright Access (formerly Bonus Presskopia). This agreement explains to what extent teachers and students are allowed to make copies and share copyright protected material.

15% / 15 pages

When in doubt about copyrights, remember the 15/15 rule:

  • You are allowed to copy and share 15 % but not more than 15 pages from one analogue original, for example a book per student per calendar half-year. 

  • You are allowed to copy material corresponding to 15 A4 pages from one digital publication per student per calendar half-year.

Note that the purpose of the reproduction must never be to replace publisher-produced course literature.

Read more about the copyright rules on the Bonus Copyright Access website.