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Sustainability Track

The Sustainability Track is a combination of existing courses at SSE and is open to all MSc students. Upon the successful completion of the coursework, a note regarding the completion of the Sustainability Track will be included on the degree certificate.

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to receive the Sustainability Track note on the degree certificate:

Step 2: Write your MSc thesis on sustainability

You need to write your MSc thesis on the topic of sustainability which has to be in line with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The thesis topic needs to be pre-approved by Associate Professor Lin Lerpold who has the academic responsibility for this track.

Please note that only courses completed at SSE will be considered towards the Sustainability Track. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept courses completed at partner universities during exchange semesters, double degree programs, or other institutions.

If you like to have the Sustainability Track recognized on your degree certificate, we kindly ask that you provide the necessary information when applying for your degree certificate.

Should you have any questions regarding this track, feel free to contact our MSc admissions team directly.