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MSc - PhD parallel enrollment

First-year MSc students, who have already decided that they want to pursue a PhD after the MSc studies, can be admitted to SSE's PhD program through the MSc - PhD Parallel enrollment scheme.

You will need to apply on a regular basis for our PhD programs (competing with all other applicants). If you are accepted to the PhD program, you begin your PhD studies in the coming fall semester instead of continuing with the second year of your MSc program. To start the PhD program in the fall, all parallel enrollment MSc students must have achieved 60 ECTS during the first year of their MSc studies.

Parallel enrollment allows you to shorten the time spent on your MSc and PhD studies at SSE from 6 years in total (2 + 4 years) to 5 years, but it requires that you are disciplined and keep an adequate study pace in order to succeed.