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CEMS Master in International Management (MIM)

The CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) is a one-year joint degree program offered by a consortium of 33 leading business schools, over 70 corporate partners and 8 social partners around the world. SSE is the only school in Sweden that is a member of CEMS.

Exclusively offered to students enrolled in a Master program at one of the CEMS academic member schools, the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) is a compelling choice for those seeking a global career. The CEMS MIM is jointly delivered by leading universities, business schools, multinational companies and non-profit organisations delivering a powerful combination of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning. Joining this Master program in International Management represents the opportunity for you to acquire experience through qualified and comprehensive leadership programs offered across the globe.

The CEMS MIM program at SSE is open to:

There are two ways to join the CEMS MIM program at SSE:

  • You get admitted to the MSc program in International Business which has the CEMS MIM program integrated in its curriculum.
  • You get admitted to any other MSc program at SSE that we listed above and apply for the CEMS MIM program during the first semester.

Enrolled in the MSc program in International Business? Many components of the CEMS MIM requirements are facilitated with the curriculum of your second study year.

Enrolled in any other MSc program at SSE that we listed above? Approximately half of the CEMS MIM program is able to overlap with the regular MSc program. During the CEMS year, one semester is spent at a CEMS partner school, whereas the other semester is typically spent at SSE.

What type of students choose the CEMS MIM program?

Students who aspire to leading positions in international organizations, want to meet international corporations, hope to be part of a strong international network (CEMS student board, CEMS club and CEMS alumni network) and plan to study abroad at one of the world’s leading universities or business schools.

Two Master's degrees

Upon completing the program, you will be awarded with both the CEMS MIM degree and a Master of Science degree from SSE. Please note that the CEMS MIM program consists of mandatory elements such as an initial one-week block seminar, traditional courses in international business, a business project, an academic semester abroad, skills seminars and language requirements.

Why CEMS at SSE?

  • SSE has one of the largest student cohorts among CEMS schools, but is one of the smallest academic members. This makes for close contact between students and faculty.

  • SSE has remarkably close ties with the business sector and industry in Sweden. Through CEMS, students can build a wide network among CEMS social partners and corporate partners, where SSE is the key account holder for Education First (EF) and H&M. You will also have the opportunity to engage with SSE's corporate partners.

  • The student association at SSE called SASSE is one of the most active student organizations in the Nordics. The CEMS Club participates in this dynamic organization and also executes CEMS family activities.

CEMS club Stockholm

The CEMS club Stockholm (CCS) is an official representation of all CEMS students studying at SSE, both home and incoming students from universities in the CEMS global alliance on local, national and international levels.

The club provides a structure to unite all CEMS students at SSE in a vibrant student community and help them make the most out of the CEMS experience. It realizes student-led initiatives and projects to enhance the local student and community life experience in Stockholm.

For more information, please contact the CEMS office at SSE: cems@hhs.se.