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Before you apply

Our participants are working professionals with full-time jobs and promising careers. To do an Executive MBA requires the support both from your employer and your family. Most of our participants are fully sponsored and financed by their employer, but it is also possible to self-finance the tuition fee.

Attend an information event. To get as detailed information as possible and a better understanding of the SSE MBA program we recommend you to attend an information session. If our dates and venues don't match your calendar please feel free to book a personal meeting or contact us by phone or email. You can also bring your manager.

Where are you now and where do you want to be? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your development needs? Before you ask your employer to invest in you and support you in doing the SSE Executive MBA you might think this through and prepare your pitch. Do you have a common development plan in place?

What are the challenges you see for your organization? Review the different program modules and courses and see how they fit your challenges. The program is all about using the models and implementing what you learn. You learn together with the other participants, SSE faculty and case sponsors and will have ample opportunity to analyze different parts of your organization and develop recommendations for action and drive real, measurable change.

Bring new insights, perspectives and develop inhouse knowledge on how to analyze challenges, and to lead in both a sustainable and innovative way. Throughout the program all participants pursue a number of live projects in real organizations. These projects let you learn in depth, in real life, but also give back to your organization. It can be a financial analysis, marketing strategy or a strategy project. To do a debreifing at work after a campus week, perhaps with the closest management team, can also be a good idea and a way to let more people learn and develop, to introduce new ways of doing things, but also to showcase yourself and your development.

Your private time invested in the program will benefit the organization. An Executive MBA requires dedicated and committed participants, there is a lot of time invested. Not only during the campus weeks, when attendance in class is mandatory. You, yourself as participant, will invest a lot of your own private time to self-studies. Time invested in your own development which will benefit your organization. Discuss with your employer how to get the most out of the program.

Talk to an alum of the Executive MBA at SSE. To know what it is really like to do the SSE MBA Executive Format the best way is to talk to someone who has already done the program. Contact us and we can connect you with someone in the same industry, with the same academic background, same private situation with kids or whatever questions you might have. You can also read more here about what our alumni say about the program.