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Professor Mattias Nordqvist receives top honor at annual AOM meeting

Professor Mattias Nordqvist was honored with the prestigious Best Family Business Paper Award at this year's Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting in Boston. Nordqvist’s research provides a guiding light to support processes of professionalization in family enterprises and family offices.

Renowned as the world's premier event for scholars in the field, the AOM Annual Meeting is the largest global congregation of management and organization scholars.

Professor Nordqvist is a distinguished member of the House of Innovation's faculty, the SEB Chair in Entrepreneurship and Family Business and Inaugural Center Director of the Center for Family Enterprise. His award-winning paper, "Too Much of a Good Thing? Professionalization as a Multiple Practice Adoption Process", is co-authored with Matthias Waldkirch, Assistant Professor at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, and Leif Melin, Professor Emeritus at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS).

"Professionalization is a critical yet complex journey for family-owned businesses. Our research delves into the intricate layers of this process, unveiling how owners and organizations navigate the tensions that arise during professionalization," Mattias Nordqvist says.

The paper embarks on an in-depth exploration, tracing the trajectory of organizational professionalization over time. It addresses the core question of how businesses and their owners grapple with the inherent challenges as they evolve. Rooted in a meticulously conducted single-case study, the research offers illuminating insights into the decade-long professionalization journey of a prominent Swedish family-owned enterprise.

Fresh perspective on professionalization

The study highlights a fresh perspective on professionalization, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the process and the crucial role of tension management within organizations. The paper presents a groundbreaking framework that identifies professionalization as a multi-practice adoption process, characterized by four distinct mechanisms of practice interaction. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of how pivotal organizational values can potentially transform under the influence of these practices.

"These findings shed light on the dangers of over-professionalization, which can lead to a shift away from the core mission of a family business. Recognizing the signs of professionalizing too much too fast is imperative to maintaining the essence of the enterprise," Mattias Nordqvist explains.

The Stockholm School of Economics takes great pride in Professor Nordqvist's dedication and significant contributions to the field of entrepreneurship and family business studies.

Best Family Busines Paper Award

Supported by the Cox Family Enterprise Center at the Kennesaw State University. This award honors the best paper of the ENT Division concerned with business that is presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting in a given year. All papers accepted for presentation at the annual meeting that focus on family business are eligible for the award. The ENT Division Program Chair nominates a subset of the eligible papers for this award, and the ENT Division Research Committee selects a winner from among the nominated papers

Source:  Best Family Busines Paper Award

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