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Op ed: Grade inflation might force us to introduce entry exams

There is a grade inflation at Swedish high schools. We can no longer trust that students who get into the most sought-after programs have the necessary skills. The Stockholm School of Economics is now considering abandoning the national admissions system and instead introduce our own system where certain schools would be red-flagged, SSE President Lars Strannegård says.

In an op ed published in Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, May 11, Lars Strannegård details the problem that the School is facing: Certain high schools in Sweden inflate grades to attract students. Both public and private schools have been shown to engage in this behavior, according to Skolinspektionen, the national authority overseeing Swedish schools.For a school like SSE with a high number of applicants vying for a small number of spots, we need to make sure a successful applicant is really qualified and prepared.

SSE is now considering:

  • Testing students from schools flagged by Skolinspektionen.
  • Flagging some schools and and instead design our own entry exams for these students.
  • Completely abandoning the national admissions system for bachelor programs and rely entirely on our own admissions process. 

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