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A blueprint for the reconstruction of Ukraine

SSE's podcast Sound Economy is back, after a few months' hiatus. This time with a new host! Listen to Emma Summer Johnsson and Professor Torbjörn Becker delve into the difficult subject of Ukraine and the challenges it faces.

What is the relationship between academics and policy makers, especially in a time of crises? What can we do to support Ukraine? And what is needed for a successful reconstruction of a country devastated by war? Director of SITE, Torbjörn Becker joins the Sound Economy podcast to discuss his most recent research on macroeconomic policies and a blueprint for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Previous listeners will notice that the podcast has a new host. Emma Johnson, a second year BE student at SSE, will take over from Victor White who is focusing on finishing his last semester here at SSE. Apart from hosting Sound Economy, Emma is also a CIVICA ambassador, and involved in SSE's Art Initiative. We're happy to have Emma onboard for this semester of the podcast.

Listen to the episode A blueprint for the reconstruction of Ukraine on Spotify.

This episode was recorded in February, 2023.