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SSE alum Johanna Rastad named CEMS Senior Alumni of the Year 2022

Johanna Rastad, President and CEO of Humana and MSc alum, is named the 2022 CEMS Senior Alumni of the Year for her work and impact on society as whole.

Johanna Rastad earned her MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics in 2005. After her graduation, she moved to London, UK, to start her career as an Associate in the Banking and Private Equity sector. In 2013, Johanna moved into the healthcare and care services sector by becoming a part of the Board of Directors of several companies working in the industry.

Since 2021, Johanna is the President and CEO of Humana – a leading Nordic care company employing more than 20,000 people and providing services within individual and family care, personal assistance, elderly care, and special service housing. Through her work, Johanna has an impact on the quality of life of many people and families. She is named the 2022 CEMS Senior Alumni of the Year for her work and for her tolerant and humane leadership style, uniting employees across country borders and nationalities to serve society and individuals in need.

"The Stockholm School of Economics taught me to solve problems and think big. Today, I work on trying to fix what is broken in the social welfare system. This is done by driving social care towards greater use of evidence-based treatment methods, standardization and focus on quality and social outcomes rather than productivity and activity", says Johanna Rastad. 

The CEMS Alumni Awards are presented annually to outstanding alumni in recognition of excellent contributions to promote the CEMS values. These values are based on the following parameters: global citizenship, cultural diversity, professional responsibility, professional accountability, and impact on society as a whole.


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