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Stairs named after Dr Gisèle Asplund

This autumn, the City Planning Committee of Stockholm decided that the stairs between Saltmätargatan and Holländargatan will be named after Gisèle Asplund, who was the first female Doctor of Philosophy at SSE. The naming ceremony took place this afternoon.

Among the guests were several relatives of Dr Asplund, as well as childhood friends. It would have been Dr Asplund’s birthday today, hence this day was chosen for the ceremony. Sadly, Dr Asplund passed away in 2011.

Gisèle Asplund studied the Economics and Business Administration program between 1964-1968 before enrolling as a doctoral student at SSE. After presenting her dissertation "Osäkerhetsfaktorer i företaget och i dess miljö" in 1974, Gisèle Asplund became SSE’s first female Doctor of Philosophy. Following her dissertation, she continued her work on identifying and combating male and female inequities within the world of organizational leadership, whilst remaining active in the fields of organizational development and strategic planning.

Stockholm-based journalist and photographer Lars Epstein had the idea of naming the until now unnamed stairs after Gisèle Asplund and suggested it to the City Planning Committee of Stockholm. He was also present at today’s ceremony.