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SSE regulations from 23rd of December 2021

Following the latest regulations issued by the Swedish Authorities, we are adapting our operations starting from December 23, 2021, and through January 31, 2022. ​The government is strongly emphasizing that higher education activities should continue to be live on campus.

The below regulations are valid from the 23rd of December 2021. For any questions, and for all cases of confirmed COVID-19, please contact the Corona Task Force at corona@hhs.se. We are monitoring the recommendations by the Swedish authorities, and we stay committed to reducing the risk of contagion and shoulder the responsibility we all have as citizens.


The ongoing exam period will continue as planned, live on campus. We have enforced security measures such as security guards, and detailed instructions to all exam invigilators to ensure that all students taking their exams come symptom free. If students miss the exams due to any illness or symptoms, they will have to take the re-exam, teachers are not obliged to offer online alternatives.

For the upcoming study period starting on January 18 education will mainly continue live on campus . To avoid crowding, the following measures have been adopted:

No classes in the Aula

To avoid gatherings that may occur when students leave the Aula and enter the Atrium where many study places are located, lectures in the Aula will not be allowed between January 18-31. Teachers are encouraged to switch Aula lectures to other alternatives. This room will instead be offered as a place to study. Guards and corona hosts will visit regularly to see that the Aula is not overcrowded.​

Staggered starting times

To avoid crowding, the starting time for classes will be staggered so that BSc will start a quarter past the hour, and MSc classes will start on the hour.
More space between tables in the atrium
Tables will be rearranged to offer more space between groups, but no places will be removed.
Classrooms unchanged
No seats will be removed in the classrooms, but we will encourage everyone to keep a healthy distance when entering and exiting through signs and communications.


All staff should work from home if possible. Both as a preventive contagion measure and to unburden the public transportation. The exception is staff that are not able to work from home due to either the nature of their work tasks or because they are conducting business-critical operations.


SSE is continuing to offer hand sanitizers and increased cleaning routines. The use of face masks on campus is not mandatory but is of course possible out of free choice. We encourage everyone to keep a safe distance from others while on campus. Our guard and our corona hosts will help in keeping our campus as safe as possible. We will also offer a fifth occasion to get the COVID-19 vaccine on campus on January 24, 2022, and we strongly advise all staff and students to get vaccinated. Unvaccinated people have a personal responsibility to avoid close contact with others.