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Gerhard Törnqvist's scholarship 2019 goes to Carl-Philip Ahlbom

Carl-Philip Ahlbom, Department of Marketing and Strategy, is rewarded with Gerhard Törnqvist's scholarship of SEK 5 000 for the best published paper by an SSE PhD student.

The paper must have been authored or co-authored by an SSE PhD student and published in a scientific journal during 2017 or 2018. A jury decides what paper to award with the Gerhard Törnqvist scholarship. The jury consists of the SSE PhD program directors.

The 2019 award goes to the paper "In-Store Mobile Phone Use and Customer Shopping Behavior: Evidence from the Field". The article was accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing.


Jury motivation

For retailers, the ubiquity of mobile phones can be a cause of concern. Customers with their attention focused on phone screens may be less susceptible to in-store marketing, more aware of lucrative prices elsewhere, and less prone to impulse purchases of candy strategically placed near the check-out counter. Carl-Philip Ahlbom and co-authors, however, published a carefully executed field study and experiment with eye-tracking technology to show that the use of mobile devices may very well be good news for retailers and lead to increased purchases: distraction due to multitasking (shopping and using mobile devices) leads to decreased information processing abilities. This, in turn, means that distracted consumers spend more time in stores, more time in front of product and information displays on shelves, and are more likely to deviate from set paths. The article “In-store mobile phone use and customer shopping behavior: Evidence from the field” was published in Journal of Marketing; a top publication at the start of a promising career. 


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