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SSE Sport Initiative kicks off innovative student workout sessions

The Center for Sports & Business, in collaboration with the SSE Sport Initiative, kicked off an innovative student workout session with champion boxer Anna Laurell Nash and industry experts from Grant Thornton.

In a groundbreaking fusion of athletics and business networking, the Center for Sports and Business, in collaboration with the SSE Sport Initiative, launched their inaugural Student Workout Sessions on January 24. This event marked a unique opportunity for students to train like champions while engaging with leading figures from the corporate world.

The early morning session saw around 30 enthusiastic students being coached in the art of boxing by two-time former world champion Anna Laurell Nash, a current participant in the Management Diploma for Atheltes (MDA) program.

However, the session was not just about physical training. It provided a novel platform for students to engage in meaningful networking. Marcus Jonasén and Johan Andersson, representing Grant Thornton Sweden, shared insights into the assurance industry, offering students a glimpse into the world of professional services and corporate strategy. 

In essence, the event was not only a test of physical stamina but also an opportunity to build professional relationships in an informal setting. It reflected how to integrate mind, body, and soul into educational and professional environments, featuring both students, alumni, former elite athletes and corporate partners.  

Going forward, the SSE Sport Initiative plans to host additional training sessions with former elite athletes that attend the Management Diploma for Athletes (MDA) programme, together with corporate partners, and open for students and faculty at SSE. 

Stay updated on future events like these by following the Center for Sports & Business on LinkedIn, or the SSE Sport Initiative on Instagram. 

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