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New Partnership between the Center for Sports & Business and the Swedish Sports Confederation

In order to increase knowledge about sports and commercialisation, the Swedish Sports Confederation initiates a collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics' Center for Sports and Business. The work aims to contribute to a better understanding of the conditions that commercialisation entails for the Swedish sports movement.

The sports movement in Sweden is unique due to its democratic member governance and strong voluntary engagement, with 746,000 voluntary leaders and 3.3 million members.

"The voluntary aspect is at the core of the Swedish sports movement and should continue to be. However, we need to understand the consequences of commercialization, and that's why the collaboration with the Center for Sports and Business is important. We look forward to interesting meetings and analyzing the development of sports together with the researchers and partners at the Stockholm School of Economics," says Stefan Bergh, Secretary-General of the Swedish Sports Confederation.

In recent years, commercialization in parts of sports has become more noticeable. In 2024 and 2025, the partnership between the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Stockholm School of Economics' Center for Sports and Business will focus on environmental analysis and education.

"We are proud and pleased with this collaboration. The strong commercial forces globally in recent years risk threatening the Swedish system and its values. Based on the latest research, we hope to provide sports officials and elected representatives with new ideas on how to navigate both voluntary and commercial elements. The future sports landscape involves various forms of hybrids. Here, we want to contribute with a toolbox," says Martin Carlsson-Wall, Director of the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics.

During 2024 and 2025, meetings and training sessions will be organized at Bosön and the Stockholm School of Economics.

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Linderyd

Head of Research and Development, Swedish Sports Confederation

Email: andreas.linderyd@rfsisu.se

Tel: 08–699 62 40

Martin Carlsson-Wall

Professor, Center for Sports and Business, Stockholm School of Economics

Email: martin.carlsson-wall@hhs.se

Tel: 0730–44 09 00

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