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Ukraine's finance minister Marchenko on the current situation in Ukraine and EU accession

On 28 April, 2023, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) organized a high-level discussion with keynote speaker Sergii Marchenko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine at the Stockholm School of Economics. Read the highlights from the event to learn more!

Did you miss the chance to attend the event “The Current Situation in Ukraine and EU Accession” with special guests Sergii Marchenko (Minister of Finance of Ukraine), Håkan Jevrell (State Secretary to Johan Forsell), Stefan Ingves (former Governor of Swedish Central Bank) and Fredrik Löjdquist (Director of SCEEUS) chaired by Torbjörn Becker (Director of SITE)? Read the highlights from the event, with discussions on the priorities of the Ukrainian government in the short run and going forward; how should support to Ukraine be organized and coordinated; where should the funding come from; and what are the key reforms on the way to full EU membership.

Highlights from the event

Torbjörn Becker opens the event “A full Aula is a testimony to the fact that the topic is interesting and important for people in Sweden and the SSE community.”

Minister Sergii Marchenko “Ukrainians are grateful for the Swedish support. You understand that we are fighting for the values of democracy, you know the price we are paying!”

Minister Sergii Marchenko ”The war gave more impetus to the need to create a better Ukraine. Now is our chance to provide good conditions for citizens and businesses of Ukraine to contribute to recovery and growth. Transport infrastructure and logistic are a priority, we need to restore capacity for trade, not only export but import which are necessary for Ukraine.”

State Secretary Håkan Jevrell “It is clear for Europe that we need to stick together in support of Ukraine. While holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, it is a priority for the Swedish government to make sure Ukraine’s accession goes forward. The path to becoming a EU member is not such a distance as one would imagine for a country at war, because the steps already taken are plain for all to see.”

Fredrik Löjdquist “If there’s a lesson to be learned is that there is no safe space between EU and NATO on one hand, and Russia on the other. The outcomes of this war will not only define the future of Russia and Ukraine but the future of the European project.”

Stefan Ingves ”Once Ukrainian state finances are under control and stability is reached, the next stage of reconstruction can begin. It will require many years, a lot of money, and massive coordination.”

Torbjörn Becker concluding the event: ”The EU can certainly afford to support Ukraine. Or rather, the EU can not afford not to support Ukraine.”

From left: Torbjörn Becker, Minister Sergii Marchenko, State Secretary Håkan Jevrell, Stefan Ingves and Fredrik Löjdquist.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who participated during the event "The Current Situation in Ukraine and EU Accession" on 28 April, 2023. Special thanks to all the speakers and Minister Sergii Marchenko’s quick notice visit to the Stockholm School of Economics.

This event was organised by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS).

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in events, policy briefs, working papers and other publications are those of the authors and/or speakers; they do not necessarily reflect those of SITE, the FREE Network and its research institutes.


Photos by Dominick Nilsson, SITE